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What is a Prospect?


What is a prospect?

Is a prospect long and lean like every girl’s dream? Is he a
star in the making? When looking at a prospect, you have to make a series of
determinations. Let’s look a few:


  1. Age.
    (Is he young for his league? Is he advanced?
  2. Size
    (Is he fully grown? Can he fill-out/grow taller/stronger)
  3. Position
    (Does he plays SS, CF or Catcher Can he? Does he pitch?)
  4. Tools
    (can he hit, can he throw, is he fast)
  5. Attitude
    (The call it make-up. Is he a good guy? Does he work hard?)
  6. Coachability
    (Can he take direction? Can he learn)
  7. Contract
    (Was he a bonus baby?)
  8. Draft
    Location (Is he a local player?)
  9. Stats
    (Are they promising? Can he play at a high level)
  10. Ballplayer. (Is he a ballplayer? Does he have the look?)