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Rangers Need to Play There Best Players Now

I think that Rangers coach Ron Washington has got to realize that he needs to play his best players even if they are not on his team right now. 
If you can read about what the crops on the Ranger’s farm are doing now, like if you read Road to Arlington like I did today, you will see that Manuel pina should be the catcher for the Texas Rangers and that Justin Smoak who was the Texas Rangers first round draft last year should be there first baseman now because he’s hitting a lot better than what Chris Davis is.  And. finally, theres a guy for Frisco who should be pitching for the Texas Rangers instead of Eddie Guardaddo now but he isn’t becasue Ron Washington isn’t playing his best players like he should be doing all of the time now.
In Road to Arlington today, they said that  C Manny Pina (.481 / .518 / .731) who ended up going 3-for-5 with a pair of doubles to go with his third homer of the year.  And thatts a lot better than what Taylor Teagarden is doing now for the Texas Rangers.  Teagarden is just hitting .143 and that’s not as good as Manuel Pina is doign for Frisco already.
Also, they said that a lefthanded picher for Frisco named AJ Murrey is pitching with a 0.87 ERA and I looked up what Eddie Guardado is pitching for Texas Rangers and it’s a lot higher than that.  more than 9.    Plus, did you know that he only can pitch to one guy now?  Ron Washington took him out when he pitched to only one hitter in yesterdays game.  Thats not helping the Rangers win games right now.
And did you know that Chris Davis is hitting only .200 now?  I wonder if anybody misses Mark Texieira now?   Well, I don’t know why Ron Washington is putting up with that anymore because Justin Smoak is also a first baseman who is hitting real real good for Frisco already and he’s only been out of college for less than a year since he was the Rangers number one pick in the draft and that wasn’t even a year ago.   Did I mention that Justin Smoak is hitting more than .350 at Frisco already?  I don’t have to tell you that is a lot better than Chris Davis is doing for the Texas Rangers.  But it  is by a lot.
The Texas Rangers are never going to win enough games until Ron Washington decidees to play his best players all of the time and he’s not doing that at all right now.   I hope that Nolan Ryan will tell him to play his best players now or get out of town.
— Ron

Ron’s Top 10 Texas Rangers Prospects

Every body — even Michael (LOL) — has a top 10 prospects list on our CROPS ON THE FARM web site.   So I thought that I ought to do one also even though Im not as good as picking prospects as James is.  He even knew that  Gallaraga  was probably going to be good after he was cut by the Rangers (but thats just probably because John Daniels traded him away and all of the pitchers John Daniels trades away become great, dont they? So lets not give James to much credit for being right about that (LOL).\  You cant read about James beign right about that because he didnt have a Blog back then but trust me because I heard him tell me a whole bunch of times that he thought so. 


And another thing:  I read on another site that someone didnt like Jamess top-10 very much because he didnt have enough analysis.  Believe me.  If James had wanted to give out a lot of analysis he could have because he can go on for hours about any of those guys he had on his list.  Trust me because Ive heard him do it a lot of times before.  Anyway, Im going to give you a lot of analysis this time so that nobody on another site can say that we suck because there isnt a lot of  analysis about the Texas Rangers Minor Leagues here at CROPS. 


Im not going to cheat like the other guys (yeah Im talkin about you Sully!) and put on my list guys who are already in The SHOW like Elvis or Derek Holland or even Teagarden.  Im only talking about guus still who are in the minor leagues such as Oklahoma City, Frisco, Bakersfield and HICKORY — OK, I know I made a mistake saying Clinton before – or maybe not even on a baseball team right now like Joe Weiland who I read was Nolan Ryans favorite pitcher in the Rangers minor leagues. 



1)    Joe Weiland is a right-handed pitcher who throws hard and did super good in the rookie leagues last year.  And I read that he was Nolan Ryans favorite pithcer in the Rangers minor leagues.    If thats what people say then I know that hes probably really pretty good because Nolan Ryan was one of the greatest pitchers who ever lived and he would know a really good pitcher if he saw one for himself in the Rangers minor leagues.  Plus he has the same last name as the singer for Stone Temple Pirates who are really a great band from the 90s that I liked a lot back then.  I hope he doesnt have drug problems like that guy did though.  TRUST IN NOLAN!!!! 


2)    Manuel Pina is a catcher who is hitting really good in Frisco in AA baseball level  — more than a .400 batting average already -and I read that hes like Pudge as a catcher behind the plate because hes got a really good arm and can throw a lot of guys out who try to steal bases on him when hes in the game. If you look around in the major leagues you will notice that a lot of teams don;t have a catcher who hits good.   Even Teagarden who everybody loves so much for the Rangers doesnt hit good likePina does.  Hes going too be a big star I predict. 


3)   Justin Smoak is a first rounder who is hitting real good in AA baseball for Frisco and is a switch hitter from both sides.    Even though he didnt hardly play much at all last year after they drafted him in the first round, he s already in AA and if you think about it you might remember that Thomas Diamond was picked by the Texas Rangers in the first round back in 2004 and didnt get to AA in Frisco until 2007 I think.  And hes only gotten to AAA in Oklahoma City this year so you can see that Smoak is moving real fast through the system and even though hes moving fast, hes hitting .300 already and thats pretty unique for a guy who was just drafted last year.  Not a lot of guys do that good that fast.  But before you got so excited about him, you should remember that one time the Giants got a guy from college in the southeast conference like Smoak is and sent him straight to AA baseball in Shreveport named Todd Linden and he looked good then but didnt make it as a star in THE SHOW.    Who knows?  Maybe Smoak is like Todd Linden back in the 90s. 


4)   Neftali Feliz is supposed to be real good and can throw over 100 mile per hour.  I know that there arent to many guys who can throw their fastball as fast as he can in baseball.  Even though I think hes overrated, I know that the thing about it is that a lot of people in basebaqll overrate him a lot and that means that John daniels could probably trade him this summer for a real good player the Rangers could use and when you are thinking about prospects one of the things you have to consider is what they can get you in a trade and Feliz could get a lot because he can throw it more than 100 miles per hour.  But if he can throw it 100 miles per hour like Nolan Ryan could and hes nto even Nolan Ryans favorite pitcher in the Rangers minor leagues like Joe Weiloand is, then you know hes not really all that great and maybe somebody else will have to learn that the hard way when they trade for him this summer.   But still its probably going to turn out that Feliz will get good again when the Rangers trade him like Chris Young and John Danks and Duchsherer and Volquez and Galaragga did after John Daniels traded them away to other teams. 


5)      Kasey Kiker has a 2.86 ERA in the AA league and was a first round draft choice for the Texas Rangers back a few years ago but not too long so hes right on schedule to be a guy who pitches in THE SHOW pretty soon .  Did I mention that Kasey Kiker is left handed?   Left handed pitchers do good in Texas like Derek Holland is already doing.   Kenny Rogers was pretty good  to and you might have noticed that Matt Harrison is also a left handed pitcher who won nine games in the SHOW when he was just a rookie for the Rangers after he was traded from Atlanta for Mark Teixera.   I think that Kasey Kiker might be another good left handed pitcher for the Rangers (and if John Daniels trades him away he would probably be a lot better for another major league team). 


6)   Wilmer Font is a guy who I heard a lot about who thorws almost 100 miles per hour for Hickory and isnt very old.   I wonder how hard hell throw when he grows up all the way?    The Texas Rangers paid him a lot of money when he was just 15 years old to become a member of the Texas Rangers minor leagues and so they probably thought he was going to be really good.  And so far he is because  he has a realy really low ERA for Hickory in A league baseball.    Just watch him because I think that hes going to be pretty good someday in Texas. 


7)   Doug Mathis is a pitcher in Oklahoma City which is the Rangers top team in the minor leagues and he has a 2.16 ERA already.   You should know that the league that Oklaoma City plays in is suppose to be a hitter friendly league where pitchers hafve  a hard time doing so great so Doug Mathis is definitely doing a great job and he can do a great job for the Rangers soon if they just give him a fair chance instead of wasting everyones time with Chris Benson. 


8)   Greg Golson is an outfielder for AAA who was a first round draft choice for the Philadelphia Phillies a few years ago and hes also from Texas in the first place.  He was traded to Texas for another first round pick named John Mayberry and hes hitting more than .300 for Oklahoma City which is the Rangers highest level of minor league team so you know hes pretty good.   Sully says that Josh Hamilton is injured to you might get to see Golson play for the Rangers soon.   Hes real fast and can steal a lot of bases if you need him to plus he plays center field sometimes which is Joshs position for the Rangers. 


9)    Blake Beavan is from Texas and grew up in a house where everybody always cheered for the Texas Rangers.  One of the things that I think can help a pitcher in Texas is if he is used to pitching here and Blake Beaven is because he lived here all his life.    Hes not doing too good in Bakersfield which is in the lower leagues but I think that hes going to do better pretty soon.  BREAKOUT ALERT!!! 


10)   Jared Hyatt is a pitcher who is from Georgia Tech like Kevin Brown was a long time ago for the Rangers and he just pitched his first game in AAA Oklahoma City this week and he did a great job — better than Neftali Feliz did even though hes had a few games at AAA already.   Not a lot of guys do great at AAA right away like Jared Hyatt did this week and I think that means hes probably going to be really tough for a long time.   Really?  His ERA at AAA is just 1.59?   Remember that you heard about Jared Hyatt here first.  Hes a sleeper  who I like a whole lot and you should too in my humble opinion (LOL). 



Like a lot of other guys From the Past, Neftali Feliz isn’t great like Everyone says he is

Once again, we Rangers fans have been teased by pitcher prospects who really are not as hot as everyone said they were going to be. Remember Jovany Cedeno? How about Colby Lewis? Or even or what about Juan Domingez?

You know a pitching prospect isnt any good if John Daniels doesnt trade him away but keeps him insteaad. Remember Chris Young and John Danks and Andres Gallaraga and Edinson Volquez? OR even Doug Davis? Ill bet you didnt remember that he was Jon Harts right hand man when they traded away Justin Duchscherer (tough to spell. I had to look that one up).


You probably can throw Neftali Feliz on that group of overblown Rangers pitching prospect failures. Everybody got so excited about him because people he threw the ball really hard like 100 mile per hour a whole lot. But the truth is that hes like Nook Lalushe in Bull Durham…he couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. 


I wonder if Kevin Ricahrdson or Max Ramirez or Emerson (dont call me Lake and Palmer) Frostad has asked him to throw a fastball at their chests in an alley behind a bar somwhere? I bet hes miss them and throw it through a window or something.


Yesterday Feliz was terrible again. He pitched fornot even three innings despite throwing 88 pitches in the opener. He allowed five runs in the 3rd Still, he walked four, hit another, and yielded three hits to the 17 batters he faced. He also struck out three. 


And the thing about it is that he wasnt even good last time he pitched either. He had a really poor night: seven hits, five runs, two walks and two strikeouts in three innings. The fastball was there, but his breaking ball was bad. In three starts, opponents are hitting him hard: .292/.414/.396. His strikeout rate is a little below 20%, which is a little above the league average, but not as good as last season. 


People can talk all the time about how good a player is going to be someday, but the player has to be a good player once in awhile and Feliz isnt one this year at all. He has only one win so far this year and Bo (dont call me Ricky from Major League) Vaughn has two….buit hes only a reliever!


If Feliz doesnt start pitching good I bet they demote him to Clinton or maybe even lower than that. 


Then again, if he does start to pitch good then John Daniels will just trade him away for somebody who is also supposed to be good but really isnt.


Hi. I’m Ron SPellman and I want to Introduce me to you

If nobody minds to much, I thought it would be a good idea to say ‘hi’ to everyone now before we get going to much.  

My name is Ron Spellman and I’ve been a big fan of minor league baseball for the Rangers since when they had a rookie team in Savannah when I lived there.  I remember how we had Jason Botts and Lance Nix and CJ Wilson and Edwin Encrnacion who all became big leaguers a few years later. I still don’t get how Rich Gilbert didn’t make it since he was our best pitcher.then.

But when Gilbert didn’t make it all the way I started to really wonder why guys who are good in the lower leagues don’t always make it all hte way and so I’ve started studying alot about prospects and the minors and James was nice enough to let me put some of my thoughts on his web site sometimes.  

I’ll try to write some good stuff that you’ll all want to read about but I’m not as good at picking prospects as James is so take what I have to say with a grain of salt or maybe even a shaker.