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Grab a Flotilla !!

(Sorry, Norm.)

Sully’s back in da House — but will Vincente Padilla too??

I read that today is the day that Padilla’s waivers end so I guess we’ll know soon what team he’ll be on now — meaning what team he’ll be the new assiassin for !!  Can you believe that guy had the [*guts*] to put his Ranger jersey on and hang out in the dugout even after the Ranger management had enough of his meltdowns and waived him?  He shouldve gone back to Venezuela and watched on his Direct TV waiting to find out who his new team would be!!

I’m excited to find out what team he’s gonna poison next — hey maybe the Yankees ought to take him since they don’t care about money and hey, he helped them win a big game the other night! — or maybe the Angels who also don’t care about money and can find out some good inside scoop about the Rangers hitters and pitchers if they add Padilla to thier team.

And even if he doesn’t get claimed today that means we can trade him to ANYBODY and he doesn’t have a choice where !  Sucker !!  Or we can release him and spend that $12 million on someone else (Ben Sheets and David Dallucci anyone?  maybe even Tom Glavine since he’s now out on the street and could mentor Harrison and CJ “time bomb” Wilson).  Someone even wrote (I think in the DMN) that we could trade Hank and Visquel to Boston for Buckholz….hey maybe JD can watch tonight in Theo’s suite and git r’ done!  Think about this team with Padilla gone and Glavine, Sheets, and  Buckholz here !! 

(man, I just thought of something else that makes me mad — if we could trade on draft day, which  I think they said would be legal the next time they have labor disputes, we’d then have enough pitching that we could trade BMac and Feldman plus a prospect hitter like Whittleman, who will never play 3b here, for Strasberg!  The Nats need so much they’d have to think hard about doing that……..)

I won’t miss you Padilla !!  You were always entertaining but your teammates didn’t like you and I bet we go on a tear now that you’re gone.

And I just thought of another thing —since we traded Dallucci to Philly for you, we could bring this thing full circle.  Genius !!  Git r’ done !!

—–Sully……….IN DA HOUSE !!!!

Top 10 Prospects

1. Elvis Andrus: Already in the majors. ‘Nuff said

2. Derek Holland: See Andrus, Elvis
3. Neftali Feliz: Baseball America ranked him #1 in the system. They know their stuff. 
4. Blake Beavan: Big frame and even bigger fastball. Future ace.
5. Justin Smoak: #1 draft pick with a big bat.
6. Taylor Teagarden: UT fan favorite already in the majors. 
7. Julio Borbon: Speedster with great defense and a great bat.
8. Michael Main: Former #1 pick with an explosive fastball and great size.
9. Thomas Diamond: DVD pitcher that strikes guys out.
10. Martin Perez: 17 year-old kid that is already in the minors! 
Just missed the cut: Joaquin Arias, Wilmer Font, Kasey Kiker