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Top Ten Rangers Prospects: Summer Edition


I’m back! Sorry for the
writing delay, but I had a family member pass and I was forced out of town for
a few weeks. Sometimes losing a loved one makes everything else seem small and
trivial. I just lost a part of me and I couldn’t find the spark to get up off
the couch and back into the game. 

I’ve been working on this prospect list for
some time, and Ive been second guessing myself. I made several mistakes in
thinking when I first started writing. I really only have box scores to go by,
but I do try to read everything available in order to form solid
conclusions.  Feel free to
disagree, but there are some of the readers out there, specifically on Lone
Star Ball, that seem to think they know more because of seniority or clique
mentality. Listen, if you want to debate baseball, let’s do it. If you want to
snipe at me to make yourself feel better, I suggest you take a good look in the
mirror and come to the realization that you don’t know **** and that you are
actually taking the time to attack someone on a baseball message board. I
suggest you grow and dick and learn how to use it. Whew, sorry. Let’s get to
the list (I didn’t include current prospects on the mlb roster).


1. Justin Smoak: He’s a smasher
that is finally starting to smash in AAA. He is the 1B of the future and
perhaps a player that will make multiple all-star teams in the future.


2. Martin Perez: Not many
pitchers have the hype of Perez. The 18 year old with the Santana  comp and the mid 90s fastball is
standing at the door of stardom. I think he pitches in the majors in 2010. Call
it a Finn feeling.


3. Blake Beavan: Look, I get it
that he doesn’t strike many guys out. So? Why does a guy have to have high
strikeout totals in order to get respect. Beavan is a 20 year old in Double A
and is more than holding his own. Give me a break. Beavan has the size and the
stuff to be a major league starter. He is going to be very, very good.


4. Matt Purke: I know he hasn’t
signed, but damn. This kid has star written all over his left arm. Mid 90s
fastball with a good breaking ball and a feel for pitching. When he signs,
Purke could be one of the better young arms in the minors. I think Nolan will
sign Purke and he will climb thru the system like Feliz did in 2008.


5. Wilmer Font: I continue to
read that Font has a very special fastball. Considering his size, his age, and
his fastball, Font sounds like a pitcher that should be considered a top
prospect.  I haven’t read much
about his breaking ball, but if his fastball is as good as they say, he might
not need any breaking ball. 


6. Mitch Moreland: He’s a little
too old for his league but I like his stats. He looks like a guy that can hit
for serious power and a high average. Double trouble. I read that his glove
isn’t great in the outfield, but he can battle Smoak and Davis for playing time
at 1B and at DH. Moreland will be wearing a Rangers uniform in 2010.


7. Engel Beltre: Tools. Tools.
Tools. All I read about are Beltre’s tools.  I get it.  He’s
talented. His numbers suggest a player that is wayyyyy over his head in Bakersfield.
I struggled on where to rank Beltre. Honestly, the Rangers system doesn’t look
as good as it once did. With guys like Holland, Hunter, Feliz, and Borbon in
the majors, and guys like Purke and Scheppers yet to sign, the system as a
whole looks average. I love the guys like Smoak,  Perez, and Beavan, but after them, the crops don’t look
quite as promising. Oh well. Anyway, Beltre goes here because of his ridiculous
talent. I’ll give him one more year to get it together. If he sucks next year
it might be his final chance.


8. Tanner Scheppers: I loved
this draft pick, but now I’m worried that he wont sign. I read that he wants to
play in Japan. Bummer. If he does sign, Scheppers could jump straight to the
majors. He is ridiculously talented and could be an ace. Big if on the signing

9. Omar Poveda: One of my
favorite pitchers. He has great size and great stuff. He is still quite young
and should develop into a major leaguer very soon. He has the potential to
shoot up this list next season.  Of
course he could be in Arlington, so hopefully he wont be on next year’s list.


10. Michael Main: Former first
round pick that developed a lupus like virus that sapped his season. His
numbers looked terrible this season. Let’s hope it was lupus related and not
pitching related. Being a former first round pick buys you some time to shine,
but his wndow is closing very fast. If Main doesn’t rebound next season he will
be joining Beltre on the bus off the farm.