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Is Guillermo Moscosos really a prospect?


After a stunning performance in Frisco yesterday, Guillermo Moscoso was on the tip of most minor league followers tongue. But who is this kid and why should I care? 

Well, to start off with, Moscoso is hardly a kid. In fact, he’s going to turn 26 this year. Considering he is still in Double A , I think people need to be aware that he is probably not a legit prospect. Second, Moscoso is not a very big man. He is listed at 6’1” 165 lbs which is not ideal size for a prospect. The reports also suggest that his fastball isn’t a burner. How does a soft tossing 26 year old that is still in Double A make it at the big league level? The honest answer is that he doesn’t. 
Moscoso was the big name the Rangers landed from the Tigers in exchange for the under-appreciated Gerald Laird. Good major league catchers should bring back more in trade than 26 year old pitchers in Frisco. I was very disappointed then and I’m equally disappointed now. One big game does not change that opinion. Laird was a durable major leaguer with good skills and Moscoso is a could be and a long shot at that. You don’t get better by trading the good for the average. Plus, why is Moscoso still in AA? Why is a player as old as Moscoso still being hyped as anything more than a journyman? 
Guillermo Moscoso despite his stunning game yesterday, is not a legit prospect. He is simply too old, too skinny, too weak, and lacks the fastball to make it at the professional level. Fooling kids that are years younger than you is much easier than trying to fool the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox. I wish Moscoso the best and I hope he proves my doubts wrong. I doubt it though. I mean how many skinny, older pitchers without overpowering stuff make it the majors? How many stay there? 
Basically, tap the breaks on Moscoso. One game does not make the man.