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Explaining My Beavan Love

images-18.jpegLet me start out by saying that so far our little blog has been anything but a hit. Most of the posters on Lonestarball hated us and I can’t say that I blame them. We came out of the gate with a lot of fury and passion but we forgot to come out of the gate with our best stuff. Instead we came out lame and I certainly didn’t help matters by going on Lonestarball and attacking people who were attacking me. It was a bad decision on my part. The posters over there are very sharp and they don’t pull their punches. Because of them we intend on trying much harder over here at Crops on the Farm. And that is why our friend Ron will no longer be writing for us on Crops on the Farm. It was just too hard for him to express himself and the typos were getting hard to handle. He didn’t exactly make a good first impression either. You can’t use other peoples work as your own. It was an honest mistake but it hurt our reputation. Ron is still going to follow the farm and hopefully will share his opinions from time to time. Stay tuned for a special announcement about our new contributor.  

Back to Beavan. Apparently it wasn’t a popular decision to rank Beavan as the Rangers #4 best prospect. The reason for my Beavan love is simple: He can pitch. Period. He doesn’t throw as hard as Feliz and he isn’t left handed like Holland but that doesn’t mean that Beavan isn’t up to the task. Beavan has excellent control perhaps the best in the entire system. He also has great size and has been extremely durable. People discount Beavan because he doesn’t strike many guys out. I find this to be silly. What’s wrong with making batters make weak contact instead? What’s wrong with that? Outs are all that matter and Beavan gets outs. 
Another thing to consider here is that Beavan is a local kid. That could be a huge public relations boost when Beavan finally makes it to Texas. Having a Dallas kid pitching for the Rangers will be an attendance draw and that could open up money to use on free agent players. It’s a win-win situation for the Rangers. 
I have a feeling that Beavan is going to be the next Roy Halladay. A big strong pitcher with a great fastball that he can throw for strikes. His breaking ball is also a good pitch. It might not happen for a few years because Beavan is so young but it will happen. My gut is saying he is an ace and I trust my gut. Do you trust yours?