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Back in Business: Looking at the latest Crops from the Draft


 R1 (14) LHP Mathew Purke: Color me tickled. Purke might turn
out to be the best first round selection since fellow Texan John Danks in 2003.
Purke who is from Texas, was one of the best left handed pitchers in the draft
with an explosive fastball and a very good slider. He is a tall kid with room
to add more mass as he gets older. This is the type of draft pick the Rangers
needed to make. He might just blow away the competition and reach Arlington
before all the busts not-named Blake from the 2007 draft. Mark my words. Purke
is going to be an ace. Apparently he only fell to Texas because of his bonus
demands but that wont stop Billionare Tom Hicks from writing the check Jerry
Jones style. (Is having three Billionare owners good for Dallas sportsfans or
bad? Discuss.) Purke seems like a lock to sign and should reach Hickory by the
end of the season. I cant wait until this kid makes it to Arlington. Start the

Grade: A+


R1 (Supplemental) RHP Tanner Scheppers: As if I weren’t
already tickled silly, the Rangers placed their hands on my body and started
the tickling all over again. Scheppers was a top 5 pick that fell because of an
injury last season. He is a great pitcher with a monster fastball and the ability
to throw strikes. His curve is also a very good pitch and so is his
changeup.  He has good size and
strength and shouldn’t require much time in the minors. He has been playing for
an independent team up north so he should be almost ready for the majors. The
best thing about Scheppers is his name. Tanner Scheppers just sounds like an
ace. Tanner Scheppers pitches a no-hitter. Tanner Scheppers strikes out the
side. Tanner Scheppers is starting tonights all-star game. See?

Grade: A+


R2: 3B Tommy Mendonca: I think I speak for everybody when I
say who?  This was a confusing
pick. Not only had I not heard of Mendonca but most other publications hadn’t
either. Apparently he will be a cheap player to sign and he likes to strike
out. Not much to see here. I would rather not waste space on a player that wasn’t
even known before the draft.  

Grade: F


R3: LHP Robert Erlin. Well, it looks like the Rangers
drafted another throw away player. Erlin who? Erlin is a very short lefthanded
pitcher that doesn’t throw hard and doesn’t have a high ceiling. He was a cheap
player to sign and not much else. How many little pitchers do the Rangers need?
Kiker has potential but Ross hasn’t even been good enough to pitch and we
drafted him last season. If Erlin is the new Ross than Rangers fans deserve an

Grade: F


R4: RHP Andrew Doyle. I like this pick. Doyle is a big kid
from Oklahoma with a strong arm. I wish he was from Texas and not Oklahomo but
at least he can pitch. He has the size and strength to pitch at the big league
level. He could be in Arlington pretty fast. He doesn’t have a ton to learn in
the minors.

Grade: B


R5: RHP Nick McBridge: Tall, young, with a good arm…..yes
please. McBride is from high school in North Carolina and is a good young
pitcher. He will probably need time to develop in the minors but he is a big
kid with a big arm and a big future. Sleeper pick here. He could really become

Grade: B+


R6: Rueben Sierra Jr. Hell yeah! Yes. That Rueben Sierra. If
he is half the player he dad was he will make a great major leaguer. The
Rangers need better outfielders and it looks like they think Sierra is the next
great Rangers outfielder. From the looks of it lately the Rangers could use
both of the Sierra’s in their current line-up. That would be pretty cool. We
could copy the Mariners when they had both Griffeys. Hey, it worked for them.
Great pick.

Grade: A