Grab a Flotilla !!

(Sorry, Norm.)

Sully’s back in da House — but will Vincente Padilla too??

I read that today is the day that Padilla’s waivers end so I guess we’ll know soon what team he’ll be on now — meaning what team he’ll be the new assiassin for !!  Can you believe that guy had the [*guts*] to put his Ranger jersey on and hang out in the dugout even after the Ranger management had enough of his meltdowns and waived him?  He shouldve gone back to Venezuela and watched on his Direct TV waiting to find out who his new team would be!!

I’m excited to find out what team he’s gonna poison next — hey maybe the Yankees ought to take him since they don’t care about money and hey, he helped them win a big game the other night! — or maybe the Angels who also don’t care about money and can find out some good inside scoop about the Rangers hitters and pitchers if they add Padilla to thier team.

And even if he doesn’t get claimed today that means we can trade him to ANYBODY and he doesn’t have a choice where !  Sucker !!  Or we can release him and spend that $12 million on someone else (Ben Sheets and David Dallucci anyone?  maybe even Tom Glavine since he’s now out on the street and could mentor Harrison and CJ “time bomb” Wilson).  Someone even wrote (I think in the DMN) that we could trade Hank and Visquel to Boston for Buckholz….hey maybe JD can watch tonight in Theo’s suite and git r’ done!  Think about this team with Padilla gone and Glavine, Sheets, and  Buckholz here !! 

(man, I just thought of something else that makes me mad — if we could trade on draft day, which  I think they said would be legal the next time they have labor disputes, we’d then have enough pitching that we could trade BMac and Feldman plus a prospect hitter like Whittleman, who will never play 3b here, for Strasberg!  The Nats need so much they’d have to think hard about doing that……..)

I won’t miss you Padilla !!  You were always entertaining but your teammates didn’t like you and I bet we go on a tear now that you’re gone.

And I just thought of another thing —since we traded Dallucci to Philly for you, we could bring this thing full circle.  Genius !!  Git r’ done !!

—–Sully……….IN DA HOUSE !!!!




    Wow, glad to hear you know baseball. If we were to release Padillia after he doesnt get claimed off waivers, we would still owe him the remaining $8M for this year, and then aother $1.5 for the buyout. So for the fact that there is no salary cap in baseball and that Im pretty sure Tom Hicks isnt going to just cut a player, pay him, and then pay another $8m to bring back in someone else, it would be probably the stupidest thing this team ever did if they just straight released him, and they have done some pretty stupid things. Im pretty sure you dont really know much about baseball ,but goo try!!

  2. crops

    Right on, Dustin……

    Hadley, are you stinkin serious !!

    (And whats a “goo try”? ha !!)

    –Sully…….IN DA HOUSE !!


    Did you read the article? Come on bro. You cant even begin to think that straight up releasing Padilla, who last year was YOUR BEST PITCHER, 1 would ever happen, 2 would be a good idea. That would be like pissing away $8M for absolutely nothing. Sully’s logic just doesnt make sense. If you release him, you STILL HAVE TO PAY HIM!!! You dont get to take his $8M and go spend it on old man Glavine. That is just moronic logic. Come on bro! Oh, and it was “good try”. Sorry for the typing error.


    And hold on, this is even better, David FREAKIN Dallucci!!! HAHAHAHA!! Oh i get it, this HAS to be a bit, right???? Please????

  5. strangers

    Actually, I meant are YOU serious, Sully. And I wouldn’t be calling out other peoples’ typographical errors when you can barely write in English yourself.

    Trent makes a lot of good points, but there are other problems with what you said, too.

    1. Even while on waivers, he’s still a Ranger and cannot just pick up and go back to Venezuela (and I don’t think that’s where he’s from anyway).

    2. If anyone picked him up, which they did not, it would be because they thought his pitching would be worth the $8 million or so still owed to him for the rest of the season. That’s a lot of money, but I think during most years he would have been picked up. There were rumblings that Philly and, yeah, the Angels were interested. In this economy, though, and with the uncertainty that’s always surrounded him, nobody was willing to take that risk.

    3. I’m not aware if he has a no-trade clause, but if he does, then it’s still in effect.

    4. If he is released he is still owed what’s left on his contract.

    5. Sheets isn’t ready to pitch.

    6. Even if you could trade draft picks, I’m not sure the Nats would take that deal. They may considering Strassbourg’s contract demands, but it would likely take more to get him. Lots and lots of teams would be in on the bidding.

    7. You have insulted everyone in the world who has any Italian lineage by your gross misspelling of Dellucci.

  6. strangers

    Oh and one more thing: If they’d lost Padilla on waivers, the team would not be better. Good teams have pitchers who give them innings, and while Padilla does melt down at times, he’s a pretty sure bet to give you innings when healthy. He may not put up numbers that correlate with his paychecks, but he’s far from worthless.


    I think it is ridiculous for the Rangers to put Padilla on waivers if it is just for hitting Texeira. Come on – Nolan Ryan hit batters all the time including Ventura and gets applauded for it. Roger Clemens hits a guy in the head and also threw a broken bat at him and no one made that big a deal of it. Padilla is one of the best pitchers the Rangers have. Is Nolan Ryan and the Rangers being hypocritical or am I missing something? Padilla just came off the DL and you don’t even know if he hit him on purpose or not. Even if he did – it was just in the rear end not at the head or something that could seriously injure someone.

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