What is a Prospect?


What is a prospect?

Is a prospect long and lean like every girl’s dream? Is he a
star in the making? When looking at a prospect, you have to make a series of
determinations. Let’s look a few:


  1. Age.
    (Is he young for his league? Is he advanced?
  2. Size
    (Is he fully grown? Can he fill-out/grow taller/stronger)
  3. Position
    (Does he plays SS, CF or Catcher Can he? Does he pitch?)
  4. Tools
    (can he hit, can he throw, is he fast)
  5. Attitude
    (The call it make-up. Is he a good guy? Does he work hard?)
  6. Coachability
    (Can he take direction? Can he learn)
  7. Contract
    (Was he a bonus baby?)
  8. Draft
    Location (Is he a local player?)
  9. Stats
    (Are they promising? Can he play at a high level)
  10. Ballplayer. (Is he a ballplayer? Does he have the look?)



  1. tranger85@yahoo.com

    The first thing I look at is if they played football, then of course they got the grit needed to play baseball the right way.

    Second thing I look for is how they look in jeans. If the player just looks fat in them he’ll be out of baseball before he’s 25 so you just got to stay away from them.

    Third thing is aggressiveness. I want a player who can play with full intensity the whole game. I don’t want a guy who just stands at the plate and watches those pitches fly by him, but I want somebody who is agressive at the plate and on the bases. You know… somebody who can hit ground balls and beat out the throws with their hustle. That really rattles the pitcher.

    Finally I need consistency. I can’t stand it when players go in these long slumps where they just aren’t producing. That just isn’t helping the team. You need somebody who shows up day after day and always produces at the top of their level.

    – Joe

  2. popejonash

    I look for the fundamentals. Can they back up a base if they play the infield, can they move runners across when they’re at the plate, do they understand about hitting to all fields? It’s not sexy and it won’t make the headlines, but it’s the blueprint for a complete player. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

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