Texas’s Catchers Ain’t All That



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Hey! Michael Bay here with some
random thoughts:


I’d praised catcher Max
Ramirez two weeks ago, but after his continued struggles I’m increasingly convinced
he’s not going to pan out.  Just think: The
Rangers believed they had three catching prospects over the winter.  With Taylor Teagarden also not hitting well and
Jarrod Saltalamacchia just getting by, now they have one at most.  Perhaps Teagarden should join Ramirez in AAA,
Texas could acquire a veteran catcher to assist Salty.  Eliezer Alfonzo is hitting .309 in Portland.  Maybe Texas‘ could offer someone like Jose Vallejo (who is
blocked at second and short here) for him. 


Some prospects Texas needs
to promote NOW:  C Manny Pina, 1B Justin
Smoak, OF Mitch Moreland, OF Tim Smith, OF Mike Bianucci, SP Kasey Kiker, SP
Martin Perez (Yeah, he’s 18, but he’s got a 2.70 ERA.  Nothing left to prove in the Sally League).  I would’ve added SP Omar Poveda to the list
in agreement with my buddy Fin, but he’s getting rocked today.    


Props to Ron Washington for
getting his Rangers off to a good start. 
Texas needs to pick up his 2010 option TODAY and give him
the job security he deserves.    


Funny: I wrote this last
week but was too busy to post it:  “Wanted
to point out that my man Juan Pierre is batting .367.  Not bad for a ‘fourth outfielder.’  He hit .283 last year and lost his job!  Life’s 
a bitch, huh?”


Well, thanks to Manny being
Pierre now gets to play almost every day.  Being a Dodger fan in addition to the
Rangers, I didn’t want it to happen this way, but this could work out great for
Pierre is proving his naysayers wrong (.426 average!), and
if the Dodgers foolishly still don’t want him, they can trade him for a top
prospect.  Intra-division trades aren’t
common, but
will soon
need to replace 35-year-old Randy Winn. 
Maybe the Giants would fork over Madison Bumgardner and a decent
Pierre‘s owed $28.5 million for 2009-2011, reasonable money
for a .300 average, steals, defense and veteran leadership.  San Fran could put him in center and move
Aaron Rowand to right.   


Finally, did you know film
Michael Bay
(with whom I share a name) earned $25 million for “
Pearl Harbor?”  It’s
true!  He once said, “I love it when
people get really mean and call you a ‘hack’. It’s like, don’t they see how
well these movies are doing?”  Man, that
guy embodies the American Dream. 





  1. Jon Page

    So you really would trade a 22 y/o mid-INF prospect for a 30 y/o backup catcher (the type of player you should be able to simply pick up off of the waiver wire)?

    I mean seriously… Vallejo probably doesn’t profile as anything more than a utility infielder… but young controllable UT guys who give you speed and defense with the potential for more can still be a useful peice on any ballclub. And trading a possibly useful peice for a quad-A (since you guys like to throw that term around so much, we might as well use it where it applies) backup catcher just so you can send your current 25 y/o backup catcher from one part time job to another one down in AAA is some of the worst logic I’ve seen in quite a long time. Nothing personal intended here, but… come on.

  2. steven.stites@gmail.com

    You gotta get more than Bumgarner for Pierre. Pierre is a beast.

    I’d settle for no less than Bumgarner, Alderson and Posey. Maybe throw in Sandoval too and I’d pull the trigger.

  3. tranger85@yahoo.com

    That’s a little too lopsided on the Dodgers side, maybe if LA throws in Jason Schmidt I’d bite if I’m the Giants.

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