Rangers Need to Play There Best Players Now

I think that Rangers coach Ron Washington has got to realize that he needs to play his best players even if they are not on his team right now. 
If you can read about what the crops on the Ranger’s farm are doing now, like if you read Road to Arlington like I did today, you will see that Manuel pina should be the catcher for the Texas Rangers and that Justin Smoak who was the Texas Rangers first round draft last year should be there first baseman now because he’s hitting a lot better than what Chris Davis is.  And. finally, theres a guy for Frisco who should be pitching for the Texas Rangers instead of Eddie Guardaddo now but he isn’t becasue Ron Washington isn’t playing his best players like he should be doing all of the time now.
In Road to Arlington today, they said that  C Manny Pina (.481 / .518 / .731) who ended up going 3-for-5 with a pair of doubles to go with his third homer of the year.  And thatts a lot better than what Taylor Teagarden is doing now for the Texas Rangers.  Teagarden is just hitting .143 and that’s not as good as Manuel Pina is doign for Frisco already.
Also, they said that a lefthanded picher for Frisco named AJ Murrey is pitching with a 0.87 ERA and I looked up what Eddie Guardado is pitching for Texas Rangers and it’s a lot higher than that.  more than 9.    Plus, did you know that he only can pitch to one guy now?  Ron Washington took him out when he pitched to only one hitter in yesterdays game.  Thats not helping the Rangers win games right now.
And did you know that Chris Davis is hitting only .200 now?  I wonder if anybody misses Mark Texieira now?   Well, I don’t know why Ron Washington is putting up with that anymore because Justin Smoak is also a first baseman who is hitting real real good for Frisco already and he’s only been out of college for less than a year since he was the Rangers number one pick in the draft and that wasn’t even a year ago.   Did I mention that Justin Smoak is hitting more than .350 at Frisco already?  I don’t have to tell you that is a lot better than Chris Davis is doing for the Texas Rangers.  But it  is by a lot.
The Texas Rangers are never going to win enough games until Ron Washington decidees to play his best players all of the time and he’s not doing that at all right now.   I hope that Nolan Ryan will tell him to play his best players now or get out of town.
— Ron


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