Did you play?

Yo yo, my brother’s.  I was listening to Sporting News Radio (or was it ESPN?) a couple nights ago and got a kick out of a caller railing on the host cuz the host was throwin down all these angry opinions and the caller asked if he ever played the game.  (they were talking about basketball)  It’s kindofa stupid argument — pretty sure the GM who built our #1 farm system never played the game, and Wash played but only in the minors — but it got me thinking——which of you played baseball?  You have lots of strong opinions (some I agree with, some I don’t — HA !!) and I wondered if you were a player once.  Not that it makes your opininos any more valid.

        (I tried to play juco ball but didn’t make the team.  Not much of a OBP guy but I was big on slugging percentage.  Well not that big.  HA!)

— Sully…..IN DA HOUSE !!


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