Like a lot of other guys From the Past, Neftali Feliz isn’t great like Everyone says he is

Once again, we Rangers fans have been teased by pitcher prospects who really are not as hot as everyone said they were going to be. Remember Jovany Cedeno? How about Colby Lewis? Or even or what about Juan Domingez?

You know a pitching prospect isnt any good if John Daniels doesnt trade him away but keeps him insteaad. Remember Chris Young and John Danks and Andres Gallaraga and Edinson Volquez? OR even Doug Davis? Ill bet you didnt remember that he was Jon Harts right hand man when they traded away Justin Duchscherer (tough to spell. I had to look that one up).


You probably can throw Neftali Feliz on that group of overblown Rangers pitching prospect failures. Everybody got so excited about him because people he threw the ball really hard like 100 mile per hour a whole lot. But the truth is that hes like Nook Lalushe in Bull Durham…he couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. 


I wonder if Kevin Ricahrdson or Max Ramirez or Emerson (dont call me Lake and Palmer) Frostad has asked him to throw a fastball at their chests in an alley behind a bar somwhere? I bet hes miss them and throw it through a window or something.


Yesterday Feliz was terrible again. He pitched fornot even three innings despite throwing 88 pitches in the opener. He allowed five runs in the 3rd Still, he walked four, hit another, and yielded three hits to the 17 batters he faced. He also struck out three. 


And the thing about it is that he wasnt even good last time he pitched either. He had a really poor night: seven hits, five runs, two walks and two strikeouts in three innings. The fastball was there, but his breaking ball was bad. In three starts, opponents are hitting him hard: .292/.414/.396. His strikeout rate is a little below 20%, which is a little above the league average, but not as good as last season. 


People can talk all the time about how good a player is going to be someday, but the player has to be a good player once in awhile and Feliz isnt one this year at all. He has only one win so far this year and Bo (dont call me Ricky from Major League) Vaughn has two….buit hes only a reliever!


If Feliz doesnt start pitching good I bet they demote him to Clinton or maybe even lower than that. 


Then again, if he does start to pitch good then John Daniels will just trade him away for somebody who is also supposed to be good but really isnt.




  1. crops

    Ron: You know, I’m starting to get the feeling that Feliz isn’t the ace we were told he was. Sucks. I think Beavan is the real ace in the system. I saw him pitch when he was in high school and his fastball was awesome. He blew people away. He’s an ace.


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