Hamilton out? Who’s in?

I got a NewbergReport newsflash that said Hamilton might go on the DL because he’s in so much pain he can’t do anything.  Forget for a minute how much that would suck.  Who would replace him in the outfield?  (This is the stuff we want to be known for at Crops on the Farm!)


1. Greg Golson — he’s hitting 333-383-481 and is really fast.  I think he was originally a center fielder but I guess if not anymore, Byrd and Murph could play CF.  One thing: I remember he was on the Phillies 40 man roster but I’m not sure if we added him to our 40 man when we traded for him, so that could be a problem.

2.  Julio Bourbon — he’s definately on the 40 man but is at just 267-329-307 — not as good as Golson.

Brandon Boggs — 226-388-283.  Hmm.  Nuff said.

Ben Harrison — 296-424-519.  Sweet stats.  If he gets the call, remember where you heard it first! 

— Sully…..IN DA HOUSE !!


One comment

  1. john.leftwich@gmail.com

    1) marlon byrd. statistically one of the top 10 CF in baseball last year

    2) julio borbon – on 40 man. (check). at AAA (check). actually plays CF at AAA (check).

    golson would be at best the 3rd OF callup from the minors behind borbon and boggs….

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