Sully in da house!

Make room for Sully, my brothers and sista’s!!  Be nice to me and I’ll give you the scoop on Fin and Spellman.  Ha!

Fin is The MAN on Texas Ranger minor league prospects (no offense to Joey or Zywica or MJH), but I’ve got my take too, and it’s no fun if we can’t all play Mel Kipper Jr.!  Spellman thinks he’s Chris Berman too, so don’t be surprised if we break out a NFL roundtable on you when you least suspect it!  Maybe even some Ribby Paltz !!

When you look at farm players you’re missing the boat if you just go by BaseballAmerica rankings or those websites.   Numbers don’t lie!  (Moneyball !!)  Fin isn’t into the stats as much as me, so he and I will disagree on who rocks the most from timew to time.  Spellman spent part of his first blog on someone named Rich GIlbert, so I’m  not sure whether he should be trusted whether he’s a stats guy or a scout guy — ha !!

I’ll start out with my own top 10 since Fin did his.  I’m gonna skip Holland and Elvis (Mr. Nuff Said!) and Teagarden since they’re in the bigs.

10. Beau Vaughn — Wes Who?  This is the guy we got for Littleton.  What was Boston thinkin?  ZERO RUNS in seven games!  He should be setting Frankie up by May !!

9. Timothy Smith — SLEEPER!!  Heard it here first, my brothers!  He’s hitting 392-456-569 and has five steals in 15 games.  Does it all.  I am not sure why he doesn’t get more props. 

8. Martin Perez/MIchael Main — These guys get lots of hype from MJH and Newberg and Parks, but Perez and Main need to show something.  Main is getting rocked with the Blazes, and Perez has good stats but he may be fragile (just 13 innings in 3 games??).

7. Manny Pena — man we have lots of awesome catchers.  I don’t know how good his defense is (anyone know?), but he’s hitting .488 and has more starts than C.Gradoville so his defense must be pretty good too.

6. Neftali Feliz — His numbers were beastly in 08 but I’m worried he could be a 4-AAAA since he’s walking a batter per inning in OKC.  Maybe it’s time to make him a reliever?  He could be downright awesome as a closer.

5. Marcus Lemon — you just knew he’d be awesome — think about how many sons of big leaguers turn out to be a lot better than their dads.  Just a matter of time.  He’s hitting .339 for Frisco — and that’s after a slump!  Loves me some Elvis, but he better not let up.

4. Kasey Kiker — he’s been called Kazmer since we drafted him in the first round, and it’s finally all coming togerther in Frisco.  Awesome 19 K in 22 innings.

3. Wilfred Boscan — Man, it sucks that he’s hurt.  Is he the next Jovanny Cedeno?  Still, whatever was wrong didn’t hurt his stats — 2-1, 0.51 and only six hits in three starts!  Wow.

2.  Julio Bourbon — It’s really rare to sign a big league contract in the draft unless you’re Texiera or Prior.  Bourbon is proving he was worth it.  He’s a good hitter, a great basestealer, and a great defensive outfielder in center field.  His numbers have bounced around alot but he’s hitting .280 now with a .341 OBP so if he can play good defense, he’ll be just what the Doctor ordered in Arlington.

1. Justin Smoak — He’s Smokin’ hot!  (Rock Me!)  I think he started slow but is over .300 now and has more BB than K’s.  Betcha he’s in left field in Texas by September callups (Davis ain’t going nowhere).  Not sure if his arm can handle right and I don’t think he can run fast enough to be in CF with Josh going to right field.

Drop some comments ya’ll….!  Let’s get this party started !!

— Sully….IN DA HOUSE !!


One comment

  1. Jon Page

    No offense man but… kneejerk much? Neftali Feliz has made a grand total of four starts in OKC. He’ll be 21 next month. What say we hold off on the four-A/reliever label for a little while, huh? As for Martin Perez, he’s a 17 y/o kid whose body is still developing – which is why he only threw 61 innings last year and the Rangers are going to bring his innings along slowly this year.

    At last you’re correct in your assumption about Manny Pina’s defense – in fact, up until his hot offensive start in Frisco this year the book on him had been a plus defensive catcher with a questionable bat. It’s really nice to see him finally hitting, but we’ll have to see how much the production falls off once his ridiculous .548 BABIP normalizes.

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