My name is James Finnerty and I worship the Texas Rangers. Crops on the Farm is a project my friends and I have been talking about for awhile. This site will be a group effort, but since we only have one mlb account, I’m the leadoff hitter.  

I’ve been following the minor leagues for years now and I think the Rangers have the best in baseball. Guys like Blake Beaven and Derik Holland are future stars and Elvis Andrus is already playing for the Rangers!! 
The goal of this website is to give people a place to follow and discuss the minors. I haven’t seen many websites out there dedicated to the minors (at least any good ones), but I do love reading LoneStarball and the Newberg Report. We want to present biographical information on the players as well as some interviews that I have been setting up via Facebook.  It should be cool.
Anyways, I hope that people will get a kick out of this site. It’s going to be a little slow for awhile, but we are dedicated to bring you guys the best analysis available.  
Let’s go Rangers! 

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