Hi. I’m Ron SPellman and I want to Introduce me to you

If nobody minds to much, I thought it would be a good idea to say ‘hi’ to everyone now before we get going to much.  

My name is Ron Spellman and I’ve been a big fan of minor league baseball for the Rangers since when they had a rookie team in Savannah when I lived there.  I remember how we had Jason Botts and Lance Nix and CJ Wilson and Edwin Encrnacion who all became big leaguers a few years later. I still don’t get how Rich Gilbert didn’t make it since he was our best pitcher.then.

But when Gilbert didn’t make it all the way I started to really wonder why guys who are good in the lower leagues don’t always make it all hte way and so I’ve started studying alot about prospects and the minors and James was nice enough to let me put some of my thoughts on his web site sometimes.  

I’ll try to write some good stuff that you’ll all want to read about but I’m not as good at picking prospects as James is so take what I have to say with a grain of salt or maybe even a shaker.


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